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Hibiscus Dream

"Hibiscus Dream"
©Vienna Forrester, 2012

I am Vienna Forrester, a digital artist working with fractals in new and innovative ways. The nature of digital art means that all fractal art works I create have to be printed for wall hanging, but where the traditional artist might sell limited edition prints of an original painted work, my works can be considered as originals, like an oil painting in the traditional fine art form. All of my works for exhibitions are sold as originals so the owner can be sure in the knowledge that they will never be reprinted. For those on a smaller budget, I have for sale in my online gallery limited editions of non-exhibition works which can be ordered in a range of sizes to suit the purchaser. Even my jewellery items can be regarded as mini works of art and are therefore individual and unique to the wearer.

Sea Pearls

"Sea Pearls"
©Vienna Forrester, 2013

Fractals are really just fancy mathematics, creating numbers to convert into visual form. But where maths ends, the artist begins. Inspired by patterns in the natural world, the seas and oceans in all their states are a main feature of my work. Ever changing and with a myriad of moods and colours, the fickle and the constant provided by them is soothing, inspiring and exciting. I am an inveterate wave-watcher! One of my methods is to use latitude, longitude, time and date stamps and colours from my photographs to create a base fractal. My aim is to interact with the pattern created until I can see a direct correlation with the mathematical fractal and its natural source. What evolves is a fusion of two distinctly differing fields; the absolute rules of the fractal algorithm and the imagination of the artist acting on sensory and actual recollection. Sometimes, a pattern will emerge within the fractal which has a startling relevance to the theme I wanted to convey. It's rather like watching clouds; the longer you look, the more you see.


©Vienna Forrester, 2012

The exhibition works in my online gallery have information of the inspiration behind their creation and a few are available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces, or would just like to let me know what you thought of them, Alternatively, take a look at my jewellery shop. All pieces on show are for sale and can be purchased direct from this site via Paypal. If you would like to see any of my artworks or jewellery in person, keep an eye on my news and exhibition pages for the latest places to see them.